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Membership on the Board of the Alliance for Biosecurity is open to research- based pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Associate membership is available to contract research laboratories and other entities, as approved by the Board. To find out how to join the Alliance or to obtain additional information, please contact us at
(1) 202.230.5619 or
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The Alliance for Biosecurity and MDB Communications LLC have released a joint industry report titled "Medical Countermeasures: A Roundtable Discussion." The report provides valuable information about the field from key opinion leaders, analysts, and industry executives. To view a PDF version of the full report, please click here. (For the original press release, click here.)

The Alliance is a collaboration among pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that are working in the public interest to improve prevention and treatment of severe infectious diseases—particularly those diseases that present global security challenges.

Alliance Mission

The Alliance for Biosecurity promotes a stronger, more effective partnership between government, the biopharmaceutical industry, and other stakeholders in order to advance their shared goal of developing critically needed medical countermeasures.  The Alliance also seeks to develop sound public policy proposals that could bolster national efforts to rapidly develop, produce, stockpile, and distribute medical countermeasures.  Alliance member companies believe that innovations created in the biodefense space can inform and accelerate drug and vaccine development in many critical areas. The Alliance supports a long-term national security vision for achieving and sustaining defenses against a range of infectious disease threats that present national security challenges.

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Alliance Press Release on Congressional Hearing on PHEMCE, February 27, 2014

Alliance Press Release on Congressional Hearing on Bioterrorism Threat, February 14, 2014


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